Timst’s Happy Place


by timst on August 16, 2012

Alright, this is it, we’re in the endgame now. Tomorrow my internship in Nantes come to an end, Monday I’m taking my driving licence exam, on the 23rd I move out of my flat, on the 27th I come back to the city for my farewell tour (by which I mean, my last exam), and the very next morning I climb aboard a magical train that’ll take me far, far away from here, to the fantastic land of Roissy airport, in Paris.

Then I take a plane to Copenhagen, where I’ll spend the rest of the day (I could have done it in one day, but I have to pick up my keys before 5 pm…). That will be the occasion to walk in the real-life Borgen building (have you seen that show? You have to.), start to immerse myself in the north way of life (have you seen this movie? You don’t have to), and probably lose my train ticket or hotel key or something.

If nothing goes wrong by then, I’ll cross the Øresund bridge (like in Bron / Broen! Have you seen, etc.) in the morning of the 29th, and I should arrive in Växjö, home of the Linnaeus University (and me, as a result). There I should move in my apartment, meet my korridormates (probably not the proper term), and finally, go to ICA and marvel at the tubed meat.


Nourriture en tube

Truly, ’tis be thar land of ye gods. (I hope I made my english teacher cringe)

Then I have an orientation day, then three days with nothing, then a visit of the town, then two days of nothing,  then a programme presentation, then nothing, then a course presentation, then nothing, then a lesson I guess. This is a rather relaxed pace.

The univ is 58 euros away from Stockholm with some help from the various student organizations, and there is a train station and even a small airport with flights from the king of all things cheap, Ryanair. I can also take a train to the north, and then I’ll be in for a 20-hours trip.


Or a 328-hours walk.

In theory, it sounds really, really good. Yet I still can’t really see myself there. I guess I won’t know until, say, two more weeks.