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SOAP Opera (part 1)

by timst on May 27, 2012

Is it a fact – or have I dreamt it – that, by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time?
― Nathaniel Hawthorne


I wonder how many broken relationships, missed connections and unfinished conversations were due to the carriers’, ISPs’, messenger software developers’ and mobile phone manufacturers’ faults. I never used a single form of digital communication that was entirely reliable (well I could argue that snail mail and even direct conversation is kinda unreliable too, but that’s not the point).

Now, most of the time it is working pretty well, to be honest. But then one day, your message will be lost, delayed, mangled, cut or it won’t be sent to the right sender. Always. AL-WAYS. Now it isn’t too bad if you were texting your friend telling him how much you hate school or how bored you are, and statistically (for the purpose of this article, you’re a boring moron) that the kind of thing that get lost, but once in a while you do, like I do, like everyone does, send something more important. Something like “Do you want to have a coffee tomorrow ?” or “We need to talk” or maybe “Dude seriously don’t do it, this pond is choke full of crocodiles I swear”. Important, potentially life-changing messages that we decided to send via MSN or text messaging for some reason, and that maybe never arrived thanks to a random technical error somewhere between you and your recipient. It’s maddening. Every time you send something important and don’t get an answer, you not only have to worry that the person was startled / indifferent / whatever, but also that maybe it never even arrived. And then you have to wonder whether to wait, or to ask the person if they received the message, which can (and will) be interpreted as a lame attempt to insist on an obviously unwelcome topic. In both way, it completely ruins the dramatic effect and add an undue amount of stress to a situation that probably has way too much already.