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5 Years

by timst on August 20, 2017

In 10 days, it will be 5 years since I left my home and moved to Scandinavia. Now seems like a good time to do a little retrospective. What did I do in these five years? In reverse chronological order, I: – Played squash – Drank a 1L can of 10% beer bought for next […]


by timst on June 23, 2012

As I say on my “portal” (sounds like a 90’s web term), I intend to use this blog as a captain’s log during my next two years in Sweden. But first, I’d like to take a minute just to sit right there, and tell you how I became the student of a town called Växjö. […]

State of the union

by timst on May 20, 2012

Today I walked from one side of my hometown to the other, passing along my former elementary school, my former highschool, seeing landscapes that I contemplated for as long as I can remember and smelling the same odors of pine and saltwater that I smelled when I was an infant.   God that was depressing. Next […]